December 2023

Training with us in integrative counselling is potentially a life changing and enhancing process. You will undertake a journey with ups and downs, you will learn skills and abilities and be a member of a collegial group. Our students learn practical skills and the application of a wide range of theories which can be used in their professional and personal lives. This course hopes to support you in making decisions about your future development whether in the caring professions or in whatever your choosen career pathway.

What Is Special About This Course?

We have a high calibre faculty who will share their knowledge and expertise in order to support your development throughout the year. Each of our faculty members is a highly experienced therapist/practitioner and educator, who employs the approach they will be teaching in their own work, either on its own or in an integrative manner. We have a large faculty, even at this initial training level, as we hope to encourage you to see that, like our tutors, over time, you can develop your own characteristic style of therapy to suit your personality and philosophy. We will also explore the boundaries and considerations of this as we go along. Most of the faculty members are also psychosexual and relationship therapists who also work in individual psychotherapy.

Our training is unusual in that it adds to the conventional syllabus by also including a module on working with relationship / couples and psychosexual issues. We feel that this fascinating and richly rewarding area is too often overlooked in introductory courses. This is in addition to a full introductory counselling & psychotherapy syllabus, and provides a more inclusive foundation than many courses. It is accredited by COSRT, the specialist accrediting and training organisation for psychosexual and relationship therapists.

Those students who wish to have the COSRT level 5 certificate will need to undertake independent study.This will include a minimum of 120 hours attendance, with 270 hours made up of independent study, including the optional tutorials, two essays, placement and supervision (as necessary), reading and video watching.

Successful students considering specialising in psychosexual/relationship work, will also find this an ideal foundation for possible progression to The London Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy. In order to do so, you will need to have had personal counselling before the LDPRT begins and if you come from a career that has no particular relation to counselling, you will need to have undertaken a counselling placement as a volunteer counsellor. We will support your finding a placement with advice as needed.

We will also provide five optional two-hour Saturday online group tutorials from January to May, as your placement begins, to reinforce your counselling skills and knowledge base to help you feel ready and able to embark on a counselling placement, in addition to the monthly two-day teaching modules.

In summary, benefits of this Foundation Certificate Course include:

  • A course which can benefit your life and relationships in unique ways even if you don't go on to any further study
  • A course which offers a comprehensive overview of therapy approaches inclusive of psychosexual, couples and relationship issues
  • A course which provides practical training in the core essential elements of counselling skills
  • A potential gateway to The London Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship Psychotherapy
  • This unique additional perspective can enhance whatever branch of therapy you eventually choose, should you decide to go on to take a further counselling or psychotherapy diploma course.
  • We hope you will find this additional element fascinating in its own right and a potential catalyst for your own personal development.

The 2023 course is now full. Applications for the 2024 in take will be accepted from February 2023. The course is popular and early application is advised. Interviews will be arranged on an individual basis, following receipt of the application form and CV.

Enquiries are welcome at any time: please feel free to contact the course director (without obligation).

What Kind Of People Go On This Course?

We are always delighted to see people from very different backgrounds attend the course. Some will be people who are considering becoming counsellors or psychotherapists, either because they already have some experience, perhaps in a voluntary capacity, or because they simply believe they have the personal qualities needed for counselling, such as empathy, genuineness and sensitivity. Others will attend to gain insight into their life and come to improve their communications skills, whether professionally or personally.

How Does One Qualify Professionally?

For those who are determined, curious or intrigued regarding qualification for professional practice, we have put together a detailed chart and notes which are right here under Counselling & Psychotherapy Training Pathways.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We welcome applications from all those who are suitably qualified, regardless of racial or ethnic origins, nationality, spiritual beliefs or religion, gender, age, social background, or sexual orientation/preference. Similarly our faculty and the faculty of the LDPRT reflect the above diversity.

The course encourages students to include all aspects of inclusivity and diversity in their work and understanding. The programme acknowledges the diversity and multi-faceted nature of society; it is designed to support professional practice based on integrity, respect, challenge and the life affirming nature of sexuality in all its forms. We interweave an appreciation and understanding of diversity and inclusivity awareness throughout the modules.

The London Foundation Certificate in Counselling & Psychotherapy reserves the right to amend, change or rearrange course design or trainers at its own discretion.

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Every submitted course application form is subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act. For administrative purposes, the names of those accepted on the LFCCP course are usually passed to COSRT in support of COSRT membership and to other counselling organisations in support of the students' placement applications. Please advise us in writing if you wish to withhold permission for us to pass on such details for those purposes. At no time will your details be passed to anyone other than those involved in the training, course administration, placement provision or professional governing bodies. Each student will be placed on email distribution lists dedicated to their student cohort.

The London Foundation Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy reserves the right to amend, change or rearrange modules, the course design or trainers at its own discretion.