Welcome to the Foundation Certificate Course in Counselling & Psychotherapy Skills and Theories

Class of 2014
The Class of 2014.

Training with us in integrative counselling is potentially a life changing and enhancing process: you will undertake a journey with ups and downs, you will learn skills and abilities and be a member of a collegial group.

Our students learn practical skills and the application of a wide range of theories which can be used in their professional and personal lives. This course will allow you to make decisions about your future development either in the caring professions or simply to support you whatever you choose to do.

What Is Special About This Course?

We have a high calibre faculty who will share their knowledge and expertise and support your development throughout the year.

Our training is unusual in that it adds to the conventional syllabus by also including a module on working with couples and with relationship and psychosexual issues. We feel that this fascinating and richly rewarding area is too often overlooked in introductory courses. This is an addition to a full overall introductory counselling & psychotherapy syllabus, and adds a still broader and more inclusive foundation than most courses. Of course, students considering specialising in this area of work, or who at least want to explore the option, will also find this an ideal foundation for progression to The London Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy.

  • A course which can benefit your life and relationships in unique ways even if you don't go on to further study
  • A course which offers a comprehensive overview of therapy approaches inclusive of couples and relationship issues
  • A potential gateway to The London Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship Psychotherapy
  • This unique additional perspective can enhance whatever branch of therapy you eventually choose, should you decide to go on to take a counselling or psychotherapy diploma course.
  • We hope you will find this additional element fascinating in its own right and a potential catalyst for your own personal development.
2015 course is now full however we welcome applications for 2016 and . The usual ‘early application is advised ...

The 2015 course is now full. Applications are now invited for the 2016 intake which will commence at the end of January 2016 and end in November 2016. Admission interviews will start in March 2015, although early application is strongly advised.

What Kind Of People Go On This Course?

We expect to see people from very different backgrounds on the course in 2015. Some will be people who are considering becoming counsellors or psychotherapists, either because they already have some experience, perhaps in a voluntary capacity, or because they simply believe they potentially have the personal qualities needed for counselling, such as empathy, genuineness and sensitivity. Others will attend to gain insight into their life and relationships, or simply out of curiosity to explore these insights into the human condition.

How Does One Qualify Professionally?

For those who are determined, curious or intrigued regarding qualification for professional practice, we have put together a detailed chart and notes which are right here under Counselling & Psychotherapy Training Pathways.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Applications are welcome from all those who are suitably qualified, regardless of racial or ethnic origins, nationality, spiritual beliefs or religion, gender, age, social background, or sexual orientation/preference.

The London Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy reserves the right to amend, change or rearrange course design or trainers at its own discretion.

NCP Accreditation

Thank you again for a fantastic certificate course, as it is my experience on this course that has made me want to train as a therapist!
- E.P. 2014

  • Commences:
    January (annually)
  • Ten Weekends over the Year
  • Regent's Park Venue
  • Superb Introduction & Overview
  • Unique Couples & Psychosexual Module

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Pathways to Qualification

Becoming a Counselling Professional

I am a graduate of the London Diploma, and as a result know both Judi, the Foundation Course Consultant, & Jean, the Course Director. My experience was that inspirational interactions with Jean & Judi create a brilliant recipe to generate competent, conscious, and harmonious counsellors. I therefore have no doubts in my mind that the Foundation Certificate will be a remarkable and unique educational experience, because the learning acquired from Judi and Jean as a whole cannot be obtained in any other course.
- Maha Nasrallah, PhD

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